Family The Funniest GIFs of Kids Falling Over  

Ashley Reign
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Don't get us wrong, we don't want kids to fall down and hurt themselves. But knowing how much bouncier and resilient kids are than grown-ups, we figure that if a kid experiences a (mostly) harmless mishap, and that mishap happens to be immortalized on tape, what kind of people would we be not to honor the whole thing with a good chuckle, right? That's how we rationalized as we put together this hysterical collection of GIFs of kids falling. It’ll take you right back to your own days of scraped knees and occasional CAT scans.

You'll probably find yourself rooting for this adorable group of kids falling as they get knocked out by their older brothers and sisters or learn the harsh realities of gravity. You’ll see bouncing tots succumb to the dumb movements of their own feet and watch otherwise well-balanced kids fall prey to the enthusiasm of the family dog. You’ll revisit those old childhood memories of your first fight with yourself in the mirror and see kids falling over fences and other barriers with more grace than most of us have mastered well into our adult years.

The next time you’re feeling a little beaten down by life, join the most adorable little sympathizers on the block. These little dudes and ladies may look like a drunk guy after a football game, but they sure do it way cuter than he does.
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Karma in Action

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A Gymnastics Prodigy

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Dogs: Man's Best Friend, Baby's Worst Enemy

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"Dammit Dude, You Blew My Bath Time Cover!"

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