Great "Horror" Movies the Whole Family Can Enjoy

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Family friendly scary movies combine just the right amount of horror and heart so that parents and kids can enjoy them together. The top children's horror movies feature characters overcoming scary villains to save the day. This is a list of the greatest family friendly horror movies, including everything from Gremlins to The Witches to Hocus Pocus.

What films will you find on this list of the best scary movies for kids? Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas tells the story of Jack, the Pumpkin King of Halloweentown. When he becomes fascinated with the joys of Christmas, he risks ruining the holiday for everyone. Frankenweenie - also from the unique mind of Burton - is another great family friendly horror film. A group of neighborhood kids find the truth behind a scary residence in the 2006 animated hit Monster House. Other good films featured on this list include ParaNorman, Casper, and Goosebumps.

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