Kid Actors From Holiday Movies - Then Vs. Now



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Vote up the kids from holiday movies that still create feelings of festive nostalgia.

For many families, sitting down by a warm fire to watch their favorite holiday films is an annual tradition. Often, the movies we grew up watching as children become the seasonal classics we share with the next generation during holiday festivities. 

But as we grow older, the children featured in our favorite theatrical classics remain frozen in time, along with the picturesque winter landscapes the plotlines created. While this notion may lend itself to the feelings of cozy nostalgia produced by cuddling up with our loved ones to relive our most beloved holiday scenes, we can't help but wonder where life has taken these child actors over the years

Some went on to have successful careers in film and are still in the entertainment business; others chose a quieter life that's almost untraceable by internet searches. Vote up the child stars who still evoke feelings of warm, holiday nostalgia.