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What Happened To All The Kids From Little Rascals?

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Everyone has an opinion about the best movies for kids. But remember the films that you loved so much you wished you were one of their friends? Who didn't want to hang out with the colorful characters in The Goonies or The Sandlot? And then there's the original group of scrappy kids: the youngsters in The Little Rascals, the 1994 big screen adaptation of the classic Hollywood Our Gang shorts.

Critical reception of the movie may have been mixed, but every kid who grew up in the '90s holds The Little Rascals near and dear to their hearts. That movie taught young viewers about friendship, first love, and having fun. That's not to mention all the perfect one liners – "Quick, what’s the number for 911?" The film and its photogenic stars continue to delight fans. So what happened to the kids from Little Rascals after the movie came out? Where is the Little Rascals cast now?

Some of these onetime child stars continued on in the entertainment industry, taking parts on TV or pivoting into music. Others took less conventional paths – who would've thought Froggy would go into professional poker? If you're wondering where the actors from The Little Rascals movie ended up, some of the answers may surprise you.

  • If you're wondering, that isn't Froggy's real voice in The Little Rascals. That's actually voice actor E.G. Daily. The non-hoarse voiced actor who played Froggy, Jordan Warkol, had a successful career as an actor after The Little Rascals. He appeared in series including Coach, The X-Files and Walker, Texas Ranger, and added his voice to projects like Hey Arnold! and A Bug's Life. 

    Outside of acting, Warkol attended California State University, Northridge. He went on to be an avid poker player and played in the World Series of Poker.

    • Age: 33
    • Gender: Male
  • Zachary Mabry Is A CPA

    Zachary Mabry's one and only role was Porky in The Little Rascals, and he was only four years old at that time. But the youngest Rascal has been doing a lot since his time on the big screen. He became a CPA and a senior accountant for American Airlines after graduating from the University of Oklahoma.

    • Age: 30
  • Buckwheat was Porky's best friend in The Little Rascals. It wasn't the first role for Ross Bagley, and it wasn't his biggest, either. Remember Nicholas "Nicky" Banks on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air? Yeah, that was Bagley. He teamed up with Will Smith again when he played Dylan in Independence Day.

    More recently, Bagley appeared in the 2015 horror films Gnome Alone and Dead Ringer. Outside of the entertainment industry, he graduated from California State University, Northridge and became a real estate agent.

    • Age: 31
    • Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA
    • Gender: Male
    • Alternative Name: Ross Bagley
  • Sam Saletta Has A Successful Music Career

    Sam Saletta made a splash as the neighborhood bully Butch in The Little Rascals. He went on to play George Camden in 7th Heaven, and voiced characters in animated series like Rocket Power and Rugrats.

    Following his acting career, Saletta studied jazz at University of Southern California and became a singer in Los Angeles.

    • Age: 35
    • Birthplace: Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA
    • Gender: Male