What Happened To All The Kids From School Of Rock

In 2003, funnyman Jack Black led a bunch of precocious school kids to live out his (and their) musical fantasies in one of the first comedy classics of the 21st century, School of Rock. Black is now pretty much part of the A-list crowd – but if you were wondering what happened to all the kids from School Of Rock, look no further, this list has it covered!

So, where are the School of Rock kids now? Well, the child actors picked for the movie were not only on point with their acting skills, but many of them are also actual musicians. And as adults (can you believe the median age of the band is now 26?), many have continued their trajectories in the world of entertainment. Some still rock, some work on both the big and small screens, and others chose a life behind the scenes in business and entertainment law.

Whatever their paths, one thing is for sure: They are a well-rounded, stable, good-natured bunch that has, for the most part, avoided the pitfalls that child actors often endure. And they even manage to get together for School of Rock reunions.