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Reasons Kids Have Always Hated Clowns. And So Have You.

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Nobody likes clowns. Clowns are scary as hell. Who the hell likes clowns? Why the hell would anyone like clowns? Sure, they're talented performers and entertainers that come from a long line of skilled professionals who hone their craft and deserve a lot of respect, but they're really damn terrifying and most of the time they're really annoying. 

Anyway, scary clowns are a huge part of popular culture, and while clowning is an art form in of itself, like with most art, the vast majority of clowns are absolutely terrible, and give clowning a bad name. Which is why everyone hates clowns. Your friends aren't all "oh hey, let's go see a clowning show this weekend." "Yeah! Let's go see a bunch of clowns and stuff." "That sounds great!" 

Nobody likes clowns. Here are some reasons that the world hates clowns. Hate runs deep for them everywhere and with circuses dwindling, the art form is slowly dying too, which is sad. But for some, this news provides a calming, wonderful, zen-like relief. 

And another thing. They're STRANGERS. Kids are taught left and right not to trust strangers. And what is a clown, but the most TERRIFYING STRANGER YOU'VE EVER SEEN. Stupid clowns.

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    They Randomly Always Have Candy

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    Pennywise The Dancing Clown Has All Those Teeth

    Photo: Stephen King's It / ABC
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    The Terrifying 'GO To BED' Clown Is Posted Everywhere Online

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    The Clown Scene In 'Poltergeist' Is Seared Into Your Brain

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