The Slickest '90s Kids from Your School Textbooks

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Have there ever been any kids that were cooler than the kids in '90s textbooks? There has definitely never been a group of kids that was slicker or more fashionable than those who taught '90s students how to do fractions, speak French, or whatever. Every day students opened their textbooks they were faced with a new group of friends who not only showed them how to read and write, but also how to look cool and style their hair in the bounciest of '90s fashion. This list is a compilation of the coolest kids that ever graced the pages of a class textbook and will take you on a nostalgia road trip back to the days when you were counting down the minutes until gym.

Whether you were learning Spanish (shout out to Destinos!) or nodding off in an Algebra 2 book, you can be certain that within the pages of whatever was on your desk, there was a super cool '90s kid skateboarding over a parabola while wearing a hyper-color T-shirt. If textbook manufacturers aren't reusing the same photos from when '90s teens went to school, they are doing it all wrong.

On this list you'll find the slickest kids from nineties school textbooks. Your homework is simple: Vote up the coolest, illest, freshest '90s kids and you'll get an automatic A+!

Photo: McDougal Littell