25 People Reveal Core Memories From Their Childhood That Kids These Days 'Just Wouldn't Understand'

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The times are changing and things just aren't how they used to be. With technology and other progress being made, its harder for kids to relate to the older generations. These people reveal just how much things have changed over the years. Do you remember these tokens of nostalgia from childhood? Vote below!

  • 1. Rewinding A VHS

    Posted on Reddit by u/est1979:

    Rewinding vhs or a cassette before returning.

  • 2. Saturday Morning Cartoons

    Posted on Reddit by u/GallicPontiff:

    The joys of Saturday morning cartoons

    And your *ss better be up to watch them or you're waiting until next Saturday.


  • 3. A Sense Of Privacy

    Posted on Reddit by u/houndie:

    I've noticed a lot of younger people who have grown up with social media don't have a strong sense of privacy. Everything is filmed and turned into a tiktok or an insta story without asking if you consent to having your life shared like this.


  • 4. Changing The Channel

    Posted on Reddit by u/Proper-Emu1558:

    I recently had to explain what “changing the channel” meant to my small kid because he only knows streaming. We’ve already covered CDs, VCRs, and what it means to roll down a car window. It was a little rough (for me, not him). Edit: oh and we watched “Turning Red” and I got to explain what a flip phone is.

  • 5. Tamagotchi

    Posted on Reddit by u/dick_pixie:

    Tamagotchi were actually fun

    Posted on Reddit by u/Hero_For_a_Day2:

    My parents wouldn't get me one. I was so jealous of my friends that had them. Those and easy bake ovens.


  • 6. Chain Letters

    Posted on Reddit by u/Plenty_Surprise2593:

    The things on Facebook that say repost this… they were called chain letters back in the day, and you got them in the mail.

    Posted on Reddit by u/BrnEydGyrl:

    Chain letters! I’d forgotten all about those. “Make ten copies and mail them within 10 days or evil will befall you…” Ha.