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11 Times Innocent Kids Were Killed in Marvel Comics

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It’s not easy living in a superhero universe. Whether characters are innocent bystanders in superhuman battles or have the misfortune of knowing a superhero, many find it all too easy to die. Nobody in the Marvel universe is safe, including kids. But do kids die in Marvel comics? You bet they do! Some kid die in Marvel comics for the good of the world, other kids die comics for no good reason at all.

Some of the children who die in Marvel comics have powers that simply make it impossible to survive. Others become targets because of their infamous mutant relatives. Whatever the cause of death, the Marvel Universe definitely isn't a safe place to leave your kids. Keep reading for some of the most tragic deaths of (mostly) innocent children and teens in the Marvel Universe.

  • Miracleman Killed Innocent Joh is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list 11 Times Innocent Kids Were Killed in Marvel Comics
    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY

    The physically grown, but emotionally stunted, mass murderer Kid Miracleman hides a horrible secret: inside he's still an innocent little boy, Johnny Bates. The hero Miracleman - Kid Miracleman’s former partner - tried to spare Johnny, letting him live as long as his alter ego remains locked away, but when KM escapes and destroys half of London, Miracleman is forced to crush Johnny's head to prevent any further death. Johnny is innocent of the crimes his other self committed, but he is too dangerous to let live. Sorry, kid. 

  • Wolverine Killed an Innocent S is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list 11 Times Innocent Kids Were Killed in Marvel Comics
    Photo: Marvel Comics

    Okay, so this is messed up. There’s this guy, calls himself Contagion, who has every disease known to man (and several that aren’t). Contagion has an “utterly innocent, mortally ill son” named Flip. (Yeah, just “Flip.”) Contagion infects his son with numerous diseases, then finds (and eventually tortures) nearly a dozen unkillable beings, including Wolverine. Flip realizes the only hope he has is to help the unkillables defeat his father - by having them cut Contagion into pieces and eat him. As a reward for helping them kill an evil villain, Flip asked Wolverine for a favor: end the suffering Flip has lived with his whole life. With one swipe of the claws, Wolverine grants Flip’s wish.

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  • Squid-Boy Is Torn Apart Becaus is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list 11 Times Innocent Kids Were Killed in Marvel Comics
    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY

    Sammy the Squid-Boy had the best of all mutant powers: he was ugly as a fish and he could breathe underwater. That was it. In fact, the only thing Squid-Boy had going for him was, for some strange reason, the Juggernaut saw him as a surrogate son. Yeah, that Juggernaut. Juggy was living the straight-and-narrow at the time, but his old partner in crime, Black Tom Cassidy, wanted to draw ol’ Jug-head back, and that meant taking out Sammy. Tom turned Sammy into mutant origami in front of Juggernaut’s eyes, and as the last bits of life crept out of Sammy’s broken form, he cursed Juggernaut for hanging with villains again. Ouch.

  • Mutant Teen Dies Because Deadp is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list 11 Times Innocent Kids Were Killed in Marvel Comics
    Photo: Marvel Comics

    Deadpool has a rightly deserved reputation as a horrible person, but underneath his psychopathic demeanor he really does want to help people. When young John’s powerful fiery abilities first manifest, he accidently blows up several blocks and incinerates several people. Deadpool talks John down, but before the teen can get help, Garrison Kane shoots John dead. Kane, for the record, is the guy who Vanessa leaves Deadpool for (sorry to break up the love story, movie fans). Deadpool blows up Kane to avenge John. .

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