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Kids of Horror Movies: Where Are They Now?

Updated December 13, 2020 3.0m views20 items

Being a child actor is universally recognized as a tough racket. Being a child actor known for performing in horror films can be even more difficult, because it often leads to type casting and limits the young performer's likelihood to be considered for roles in the best movies being made. What are some of the most famous kids from horror movies up to these days?

A lot of the young actors associated with horror films have gone on to pursue other endeavors or disappeared from Hollywood and resurfaced working in the world of independent horror. Some continue working in film, while others disappear from Hollywood, not unlike the ghosts in their films. People have often wondered what happened to the children from the horror movies of years past. For example, what happened to the child actor in The Shining? Below you'll find child actors from classic 80s horror, as well as more recent scary movies.  

The following list features then and now photos of some of the most famous child actors from horror films. It also details what the performers have been up to since the peak of their childhood fame. Scroll on below if you've ever thought about child actors from horror films and wondered, where are they now?

  • Then: Starring in the first installment of the Child's Play franchise launched Alex Vincent's career. Vincent continued his success by appearing as a lead in the sequel, Child's Play 2.

    Now: Vincent was replaced by Justin Whalin in the third film - other than a brief cameo in archive footage. He was absent from acting between 1994 and 2007. He cited a bad experience making the film My Family Treasure as his reason for leaving the acting world. He briefly attempted to return to Hollywood in his high school years, but had difficulty finding roles, so he went on a long hiatus. Vincent returned to acting in 2008 and has made several horror films since then.

  • Harvey Stephens ('The Omen')

    Photo: The Omen / YouTube

    Then: Playing the spawn of Satan cannot be easy, and was likely even more difficult for a child actor. However, Harvey Stephens wore evil very well as Damien in the 1976 supernatural horror film, The Omen. 

    Now: After The Omen, Stephens made an appearance in a made-for-TV movie in 1980, and then was absent from Hollywood until the 2006 remake of The Omen. In that film, he had a cameo as a television reporter. He currently works in stocks and property development, according to his IMDb profile.

  • Then: A. Michael Baldwin gained great notoriety for his role in Don Coscarelli's Phantasm. Baldwin played Mike, a young boy devastated by the loss of both of his parents. The film acheived both critical acclaim and a large cult following. 

    Now: Baldwin's role was recast in the second installment of the Phantasm franchise. He did, however, go on to star in the third and fourth films in the series, and is also confirmed to be appearing in the long-awaited fifth installment which is titled Phantasm: Ravager. Baldwin has taken several breaks from acting and during one of them, he got in touch with an Indian guru and lived on an ashram for a period of time. He reportedly still practices Eastern Mysticism. He recently returned to his roots and has been actively making horror movies for the past several years. 

  • Then: Before he was in horror movies, a very young Brandon Adams played Zeke in Michael Jackson's Moonwalker. Years later, he appeared as a character named Fool in The People Under the Stairs. Adams had the opportunity to work with some great talent, such as legendary director Wes Craven. He also appeared in the 1993 critically panned horror film Ghost in the Machine as Frazer.  

    Now: After making his mark on the horror scene, Adams went on to guest star on several television series and do voice work for video games. He has wound down his acting career for the most part, making only one feature film since 2000. As of late, he has been focusing on his career as a rapper. His stage name is B. Lee.