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Kids Of TGIF Shows: Where Are They Now?

Back in the 1990s, every kid looked forward to kicking off the weekend with ABC's Friday night television lineup, otherwise known as a block of family-friendly programming called TGIF. Many of us grew up with the kids on these shows, so it's probably crossed your mind what happened to TGIF actors, where they are today, and how their lives and careers have evolved. The cast members on TGIF shows today have each had very different journeys, but for the most part, they've weathered the ups and downs of early success remarkably well. Some have opted to stay out of the limelight, some have continued their acting careers, and others have become bona fide stars.

For all of you fans of Full House, Family Matters, Sabrina the Teenage With, Step by Step, and other shows from ABC's Friday night lineup, read on to learn more about the TGIF kids then and now.