Parents Share Stories Of Their Children Recalling Eerie Past Life Memories
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Parents Share Stories Of Their Children Recalling Eerie Past Life Memories

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If you were to believe in the possiblity that we're able to live multiple lifetimes, what would happen if some of those past life memories crept into present day? There's a theory that people travel in groups between lives and you just switch around roles and relationships each time. There are even times that young children are able to recall living as their own deceased grandfather or sibling. These memories tend to fade as they age. These stories of children recalling fascinating and seemingly impossible details of a previous lifetime just might make you a believer. 

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    Remembering Being A Pilot

    From Redditor u/Well-thenWhat:

    When my son was 3 years old my husband decided to take him on an airplane tour of our small city. They booked a tour in a small 3 seater-plane - pilot and my husband in the front, and room for the little guy in the back. When they got out on the Tarmac though, our son pushed past the pilot and climbed into the pilot's seat. When my husband told him he couldn't sit there because that was for the pilot, our boy got got very still and quietly said, "it's because I crashed last time, isn't it?" Then he started to cry and shake his head, and said (almost yelling apparently) "All those people died cuz of me!!!" And he climbed back down and started running back to the terminal in tears.

    My husband finally got him settled down by explaining that his legs were too short for his feet to reach the pedals, and not because he crashed 'last time.' So back they headed to the plane and got settled in. Sitting in the back, my boy asked if he could have a headset-which he received, with the mic switched off. The pilot didn't tell him the mic was off though, so the little guy started doing his checks and trying to talk to the tower. Needless to say, the pilot was a little freaked out by all this, so he never did ask our son about when he supposedly crashed a plane.

    3 years later, we all headed to an aviation museum, and our now 6-year old son started talking to one of the curators about a certain type of WWII British plane. I was a bit surprised because we didn't have any books about planes in our house and he'd never shown an interest in them before. Lucky for my son though, the aviation museum was in the process of restoring one of the very airplanes my son was asking about, and they offered to let us have a look even though it wasn't ready for display yet.

    Apparently, a private collector had "modernized" the plane some time in the 1970s or so, and they were in the process of restoring it to,its original condition. My son started pointing several different items in the plane that plane that he thought weren't right, had been replaced, etc. When we asked how he knew about this, he said he'd flown on of these a few times when he was big. He couldn't tell us much more except that he normally flew a different plane, and that he'd crashed it because he made a mistake. He also said that several innocent people died in the crash and that it 'wasn't their time to die yet.' He got very sad then and said he didn't want to talk about it anymore. When we asked about it again when he was in his teens he said he remembered the trip to the museum, but didn't remember being big before.

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    Remembering Being A Guardian Angel

    From Redditor u/Qlinkenstein:

    My son was three at the time. We were at a ceramics place and I was taking a wheel throwing lesson when he say to this lady "I saw you in the fire. Did it hurt when you got burned? I was there but I couldn't help you."

    She turned white as a sheet and explained to me that when she was a young girl, her house caught fire and she was badly burned. She told me that used to tell her family that she followed a little boy, she'd never seen, out of her room and then out of the burning house.

    She is sure that my son is her guardian angel, and that he was sent to tell her this as an older lady to make sure always remembers.

    We became pretty good friends until we moved away. My son is now 16 and doesn't remember much about this other than he has faint memories of her.

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    Remembering A Previous Death

    From Redditor u/itsnotmeitsyo

    My Aunt told me the weirdest story about one of my cousins years ago. When he was around 7 years old they were on vacation at a cabin a few hours drive away. The cabin was on a big piece of property which had cliffs at one end of it. They were both sitting outside on a picnic bench talking and he told her that he had been to this exact spot before.

    He said that he had died there by jumping off the cliffs and that he had marked a tree nearby before he jumped. Sure enough he took her over to a tree with a marking on it. My aunt said she had never experienced chills like that and was very shaken up by it a the time and still doesn't talk about it.

    Should also mention the kid is an absolute genius, he was always ridiculously smart for his age and my aunt said she had other weird experiences and conversations like this with him growing up.

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    Remembering A Past Sibling

    From Redditor u/studoroma:

    This happened right after a war. Mother was walking my older sister, who was three years old at the time. My older sister pointed into the forest and said, "That's where you buried me. Mom was like, What? My sister continued, Yeah, i was sick. Remember?

    Without showing emotions, mother freaked out and took her straight home. It turned out, mother had an older child who passed away during the war, due to an illness and lack of medical aid.

    The spot that my older sister pointed out, was the exact location where my mother's eldest daughter was buried.

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    Remembering His Previous Mother

    From Redditor u/WOKEbaby:

    When I was about 4 years old, I told my mother that I wanted to phone my mom. She didn't think anything of it. A few minutes later she hears me talking and comes in the next room to find me speaking to a woman. I somehow knew the phone number, and the woman's name. I told her I was sorry for leaving and that I missed her and loved her.

    My mom took the phone and started apologizing saying it was just her son playing. The lady's son had died less than 10 years prior in an accident. And she was in shock and crying not knowing what to say.

    I feel like crap thinking about it now because I must have really messed her world up when she was probably getting over the grieving. Really freaked my mom out too.

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    Remembering Life As Her Grandmother

    From Redditor u/whythehellnotb*tches:

    When my youngest daughter was 3 years old, after my husband yelled at her, she tearfully said to me "When I was here before and I was the mommy, I never yelled at Daddy. I would sit him down and talk to him." I was stunned. See my husband's mom died at the age of 48, when he was 21 years old. I asked her to repeat what she said and she did. I decided to press her for more.

    So, I asked if she could tell me any stories. Her little face lit up and she said "Oh! He was such a good baby. I would just lay him down in his crib, and he hardly ever cried. One time at the store he wanted a toy, and I told him no and he started screaming and crying. I had to take him out of the store. That one time he wasn't very good." I asked her if she remembered what he liked to play with and she smiled and said "He would sit on his floor and play with his fire trucks."

    I didn't press her for any more, but weeks later she started talking about "when I was here before" and they were stories about her husband etc. She has no memory of any of it now. I'm convinced my husband's mother came back as our daughter.

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