Graveyard Shift

Creepy Things Kids Have Said About Their Past Lives

Kids say the darnedest things, but what if the things they said weren't actually so silly? What if, instead, they were describing past lives? These kids describe their past lives with such detail that it's hard to shake off these stories as pure fiction.

Many cultures believe in the idea of reincarnation, whether it's a birthmark that shows the way you have died in a past life or a distant, dream-like memory you can't shake. Some people believe they've got real, concrete evidence to prove they've been reincarnated, while others just have creepy stories that make you wonder. The weirdest of all are the wildly creepy stories of children's past lives.

The things kids remember from their past lives are things no child could have possibly known, from the story of a grandparent's death to a foreign language from a country they have never visited. Children who have been reincarnated often mention their past life offhand, like it's completely normal and no big deal. Other children are haunted by their former traumatic deaths.

These true stories from kids' past lives are undoubtedly unsettling, but do you believe them?