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These are the facts about bullying: bullies are encountered in every classroom and lunchroom, and on every playground in every school. Bullying happens online, on social media, and via text. It happens in public spaces, privately, and even follows children home. But the kids on this list took a stand and faced their bullies, creating change and inspiring others.

How do you stand up to a bully? The best way to stand up to bullying is to treat everyone with respect and kindness. If you were ever bullied as a kid, maybe you fantasized about a protector - somebody bigger and stronger to help you fight your enemies. Maybe you even had a heroic moment where you faced a bully and gave them a piece of your mind. Individual bullies need to be stood up to or they will take over. Instead of hiding, these kids stood up and did something about it! Many of these young students and children inspired national (and even international) anti-bullying campaigns and though they were once picked on, they were able to make a difference.

Each of these kids took great measures to do a very brave, very rare thing: stand up for themselves. Vote up the most inspirational stories of amazing kids who stood up to bullies in incredible ways and came out on top!
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Amazing Kid Stood Up to His Entire Class

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There has rarely been a more powerful example of bully quashing than when Jake, who is autistic, confronted his entire class during an exercise in his school's gymnasium. One of the hardest things to do to a bully is to confront them. Harder still is to do it without making the problem worse. Watch Jake do so eloquently and with more courage than most adults possess. 

Source: The Bully Project
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The Coolest Fifth Graders Ever Stood Up for Bullied First Grader

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Danny Keefe, a first grader from Bridgewater, MA, was being picked on for having a speech impediment and for wearing a suit and tie to school each day. Wishing to show their support, Danny's 45 member self proclaimed "band of brothers," the Bridgewater fifth grade football team, donned Danny's suave style of dress for one day, wearing suits and ties to help him feel loved and appreciated and make a loud and effective statement against bullying.

Source: Huffington Post
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Picked on for Having Two Moms, This Kid Took a Stand Against Bullying in Schools

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Because he had two moms and long hair, 11-year-old Caine Smith from Haltom City, TX, was choked, beaten, harassed, and called a long list of names by bullies every day at school. Instead of being meek, Caine stood up and did something about it... and he had larger plans than telling a teacher, the principal, or simply pleading his case to other kids.

Source: The Bully Project
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Kid Demanded Public Apology From His Bully with the Help of 100 Facebook Friends

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In Salem, OR, student Halsey Parkerson was chronically verbally taunted and abused. Tired of this treatment, Halsey decided to confront his bully. His aunt enlisted the help of the members of her car club group on Facebook to stand behind Halsey while he did it. With a group of 100 strangers-turned-friends, Halsey demanded, and got his apology from his bully outside of his high school.