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Summer birthdays are extra special. A summer birthday party can be held outside and feature water activities that aren't as fun in cooler season.  Celebrate you child's next birthday with sunshine a laughter. Take the party outdoors with these simple, budget-friendly summer birthday party ideas, your party will be a huge hit! What are some great kid’s summer birthday party ideas?

The best part about having a birthday party in the summer is that finding ways to celebrate while in the outdoors is so simple! These awesome summer birthday party ideas for kids feature themes that are sure to please any age group, and your party will be a tremendous success!

Many of these suggestions are very inexpensive as well, allowing you to use nature in place of a costly indoor rental for your party. It’s also a great way to allow your little ones to get plenty of sunshine and exercise while blending some good fun into the mix!

This list features the best summer birthday party ideas for kids and offers a variety of options for your party to accommodate almost any age group! Cast your votes for the best kids birthday ideas for the summer season below.
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Splashy Bash
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Throw a water balloon shindig to cool the summer heat! Fill up the water balloons before your guests arrive and place them in a plastic kiddie pool. Let the kids grab balloons and have fun splashing each other!
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Backyard "Wipeout"
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To get started, rent an inflatable water slide, stock a soapy water kiddie pool with rings hidden at the bottom, and make the iconic "big red ball" course with some extra-large bouncy balls and tires. To finish it all off with a splash, include a "crooked noodle" path (made out of swimming noodles) for the little ones to weave and bob through before crossing the finish line.
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Ice Cold Piñata Treats
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Create an ice cream sundae piñata — perfect for cooling off on a warm summer day, and certainly one activity that's sure to be a fun surprise for all of your young guests! Fill an ice cream themed piñata with all the best ice cream sundae fixings and then serve ice cream once the piñata has been hit. Your guests can create their own special sundaes with the toppings they collected.
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Afternoon Scavenger Hunt
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Have a scavenger hunt! Little toys, snacks, and favors can be hidden along a path to be hunted for. Inexpensive tote bags are a great way for kids to collect the items that they gather on the hunt. Consider embellishing them with a party motif, or have the kids personalize them with some basic craft supplies.
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