23 Controversies Involving Toys We Played With As Kids

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Vote up the toys that make you wonder what our parents were thinking.

As '90s style and trends continue to make a comeback, it's impossible for those of us who actually grew up in the '90s to not think about some of our favorite toys and the joy they brought us.

While it's human nature to feel nostalgic for a simpler time, the '80s, '90s, and early 2000s weren't exactly a safer time. There were toys that burned children, caused emergency room visits, and even resulted in death. On the lighter side, your Furby potentially spied on you and your family.

Big and small, we've gathered up some of the most controversial toys we all played with as kids.


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    The ‘CSI’ Fingerprint Kit Included Asbestos

    In 2007, the Environmental Working Group announced that the fingerprint dust included in CSI: Forensic Lab toy kits contained up to 7% tremolite, which is one of the most dangerous forms of asbestos. According to their report, inhaling the dust once could leave children vulnerable to developing lung cancer and mesothelioma later in life.

    The toy company responded by saying they conducted their own tests, which did not detect asbestos.

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  • Fisher-Price Power Wheels Overheated, Causing 150 Fires
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    Fisher-Price Power Wheels Overheated, Causing 150 Fires

    Fisher-Price had to recall 10 million of its iconic Power Wheels cars and trucks in 1998 after multiple reports of fire and injury. In total, there were 700 reports of the vehicles' electronics giving out, and 150 reports of the vehicles catching fire due to the battery overheating.

    The reports resulted in $300,000 worth of home damages, as well as reports of children being burned and running into objects when they couldn't stop the vehicle due to electrical malfunctioning.

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  • Jarts (Lawn Darts) Were Banned After One Fatally Hit A 7-Year-Old
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    Jarts (Lawn Darts) Were Banned After One Fatally Hit A 7-Year-Old

    A man named David Snow went on a mission to get lawn darts banned after his 7-year-old daughter was killed by one. Snow's son and friends were playing with the darts when one flew too high and landed on the young girl's head, piercing her skull and killing her.

    Snow later discovered that lawn darts had caused over 6,000 injuries in an eight-year period, with some people even going into comas. He eventually helped get legislation passed that banned the darts for good.

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    The Splash Off Water Rocket Led To People Getting Hit By Broken Rocket Pieces

    The Splash Off Water Rocket was recalled in 1997 after it was reported that the rocket could explode when being filled with water. The recall affected 67,800 toys, which could potentially break apart and injure children when all the plastic pieces went flying.

    Apparently, the water pressure needed to launch the rocket was too much for the brittle plastic used at the time.

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    Lisa Frank And Her Husband Were Allegedly A Nightmare To Work For

    Lisa Frank's colorful reputation came into question after a 2013 Jezebel article revealed toxic working conditions at her company. Lisa Frank and her husband/company CEO James Green reportedly made employees "miserable and on edge" at all times, with some employees experiencing PTSD-like symptoms.

    Frank and Green were reportedly so difficult to work with that employees even referred to the company's headquarters in Tucson, AZ, as the "Rainbow Gulag."

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  • Batteries In The ‘Phantom Menace’ Lightsabers Could Overheat Or Rupture
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    Batteries In The ‘Phantom Menace’ Lightsabers Could Overheat Or Rupture

    For many kids, Darth Maul's double-edged lightsaber was the highlight of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, and it quickly became a popular toy in 1999. Unfortunately, a malfunction in the battery spring caused the toy to overheat, and batteries could potentially rupture and cause burns.

    The issue also occurred in the Qui-Gon Jinn lightsabers, but both models could be salvaged with a repair kit from Hasbro.

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