23 Hilarious Photos Of Kids With Their Heads Stuck In Unfortunate Places

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As these pictures of children who got their heads stuck in random places prove, kids often fail to anticipate the consequences of their actions. Where the average adult sees a toilet seat, a cooking pan, or carton of cheesy poofs, a child following kid logic chooses instead to see a cool hat begging to be shown off. Such attempts at expression and exploration, however cute or innocent in theory, led to these photos of kids with their heads stuck in weird places. And while bigger (*see: older) kids like to wear their age as a sign of genius, even they manage to stick their heads in places where they aren't wanted or needed.

Here you'll meet a few kids who didn't think this through and who learned this lesson the hard way. Though these poor little guys and gals may not have had the best day ever, most of them now can tell their friends about their really cool visit from the fire department. Even if they find no humor in it, at least mom and dad, and now the Internet, will.

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    Tell Me Again Why Diapers Are So Bad?

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    No Trick Or Treating For This Gal

    Photo: Kristy Ralphs / YouTube
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    Johnny Appleseed Dress Up Day: Nailin' It

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY
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    World's Most Non-Relaxing Massage

    Photo: Hi3p
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