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Housecats That Have Killed People

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Fact: Cats are minions of Lucifer sent here to infiltrate mankind, gain our trust, and destroy us from within. Just look at the way they maliciously lick their paws or deviously chase red laser pointers.They’re plotting something sinister. For those who believe cats are just cuddly balls of fur, think again. Even though studies suggest that your feline doesn't actually want to kill you, and reports of killer cats rising up against their owners are rare (just a matter of time?), there are still plenty of cases of cats causing human deaths all over the world. Check out the list below for true stories regarding the many ways cats have killed people.

  • Photo: Josh Proctor / flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

    Preying on Human Kindness

    It’s common knowledge that cats like to prey on human kindness. In 2013, a horrible car wreck resulting in the death of an elderly woman started as a cat rescue. A Good Samaritan was driving along when he stopped to rescue a cat that was running out on the roadway.

    While he chased after the cat, he was hit by another vehicle, which slammed into the guardrail, and sent the man flying into the grassy shoulder. Miraculously the man survived, but the 75-year-old woman driving the other vehicle did not. 

  • Photo: Mona / flickr / CC-BY-ND 2.0

    Rabies Riot

    Beyond our country’s borders, cats might pose an even bigger threat than they do here. In 2007, a man in a Himachal Pradesh village was bitten and scratched by a vicious feline infected with rabies.

    He died a few weeks later, crippling the village with panic and fear. As a response, villagers started hunting and killing all the cats in sight because they couldn’t track down the original culprit. 

  • Photo: K-nekoTR / flickr / CC-BY-ND 2.0

    Smothering Babies

    Pouring through archival footage, it’s clear that cats have always been evil schemers. A newspaper article from 1930 tells the tragic tale of a cat that fell asleep on a four-month-old baby’s face.

    The child’s mother quickly pushed the cat away and went to care for her other children. When the mother went to give her baby a bath, it was discovered that the cat had smothered the poor child.  

  • Photo: Omer Unlu / flickr / CC-BY 2.0

    Cuddling to Death

    Seventy years later, and instances of cats smothering babies is still an issue. In 2000, authorities were called to a home in Kingsteignton, Devon, where they discovered a shocking scene. The lifeless body of a six-week-old was found with the family cat cuddled up next to it.

    Later they confirmed that the feline did smother the child to death, and the police released a statement urging cat owners to use precautions when letting cats near small children. Take heed!