12 Pairs Of Twins Who Committed Murder Together

The fascinating and sometimes creepy connection between twins is nothing new. Some sets of twins have secret languages - like the "Silent Twins"- or are so in tune it's almost as though they can read each other's thoughts. For the most part, this connection is harmless - and really, really interesting. But can there be a dark side? What happens if the deep connection between twins is rooted in extreme violence? That's where you get infamous twins. 

There have been a surprising amount of cases of such twins. The Spahalski twins both killed at the same exact time, just not together. Or the Menendez brothers who brutally took the lives of their own parents. Often when it comes to twins who harm people, they're working as a team, and their cosmic twin connection is dark and lethal. 

  • The Bondurant Brothers

    Twins Pete and Pat Bondurant of Tennessee took lives separately and together. In 1991, they were convicted of the 1986 slaying of 24-year-old Gwen Dugger. She was described as an upbeat woman whom Pete reportedly "incapacitated" with drugs. The brothers then assaulted Dugger and beat her with an ax handle in front of Pat's wife, Denise. Because her body was never found, they received 25-year sentences instead of life in prison.

    But that wasn't their only conviction. The Bondurant brothers committed additional crimes in 1986. Pat was found guilty of fatally beating his co-worker, and Pete was found to have taken the life of his girlfriend. Pete was also charged with helping Pat dismember his co-worker. 

  • Tasmiyah And Jasmiyah Whitehead

    In 2014, Tasmiyah and Jasmiyah Whitehead of Georgia pled guilty to the voluntary manslaughter of their mother. In 2010, while they were still teenagers, the twins disconnected their mother's spinal cord with a kitchen knife. In the days before her passing, Nikki Whitehead had complained about the "out-of-control" behavior of her daughters. Investigators said the teens attacked their mom after a fight broke out between the three and that it was a crime of passion.

    They stabbed their mother and strangled her before dragging her to the bathtub where she reportedly passed as the 16-year-old girls watched. The twins received 30-year sentences.

  • Betty Wilson And Peggy Lowe

    In 1992, twins Betty Wilson and Peggy Lowe of Alabama allegedly plotted to commit a capital crime together. When Jack Wilson, Betty's husband, was fatally assaulted with a baseball bat, it was thought that Wilson had hired a man named James Dennison White to take out Jack.

    Wilson was sentenced to life in prison. Lowe was acquitted, but the prosecution strongly believed she had been involved in Wilson's passing. 

  • Reggie And Ronnie Kray

    Reggie And Ronnie Kray
    Photo: Matt From London / flickr / CC-BY 2.0

    The Kray twins, Reggie and Ronnie, were boxers-turned-criminals in the 1950s and 1960s. The notorious London-based criminal duo reached celebrity status. Although they took part in all sorts of mafia-related activity - from arson to robbery - they were only convicted of murder. Reggie was arrested for ending Jack "The Hat" McVitie, and Ronnie was charged in the passing of George Cornell. But that's not to say they weren't linked. They were known for doing everything together - including crime.

    Numerous books and movies have been made about the infamous twins, including John Pearson's biography The Cult of Violence: The Untold Story of the Krays. Reggie passed due to cancer shortly after his release from prison in 2000, while Ronnie suffered a heart attack and passed in 1995.

  • Edwin and Edward Berndt

    In 2011, the 48-year-old Berndt twins, Edwin and Edward, were charged with ending their 88-year-old mother's life after neighbors reported they hadn't seen her in months. Officers went to the house in Houston, which was in a deplorable state, and found the mother face down on the floor. The twins said she had slipped and fell. They also said they had left her lying there for three days before she eventually passed. She was reportedly conscious the entire time.

    After her passing, they continued to live in the house for three months, walking around and over the body. But charges were eventually dropped because of the twins' mental states

  • Keishon And Kenyata Blake

    In 2015, Keishon and Kenyata Blake were charged with taking the life of a woman who was returning home from a South Los Angeles grocery store. 62-year-old Maria Elena Rivas was out shopping for ingredients to cook Christmas dinner when the 18-year-old twins reportedly accosted her and stole her purse.

    According to an LAPD detective, the Blake brothers "had a criminal record that consisted of robberies and assaults and having these two thugs off the streets right now, people should feel a lot safer."