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14 Monstrous Criminals Who Exploited Their Victims' Kindness To Kill Them

Don't let a kind stranger fool you. Murderers, psychopaths, and your every day criminals don't always look like Freddy Krueger. Some of the most  truly awful people seem relatively normal, and use that to put themselves in situations where they can commit some of the most vile acts known to man simply because they seem nice. So many cruel criminals have pretended to be in distress to get a victim to let down their guard, it’s a wonder that anyone still goes out of their way to be nice, let alone pick up a hitchhiker on a lonesome stretch of highway.

If you need proof that no good deed goes unpunished, continue reading to find out about all the awful things done to people who were kind enough to let truly awful people into their home to use the bathroom, or offered to give a ride to a creepy looking guy who’s just getting back from a camping trip. Hopefully the items on this list won’t dissuade you from being a kind person, but you should probably start locking your doors and then double checking to make sure that guy who you let in to use the bathroom isn’t hiding in one of your closets. 

  • Daniel Wozniak Asked To Meet Up With An Old Friend, Then Murdered Him For Cash

    In 2010 Daniel Wozniak, a theater actor in Long Beach, CA, needed a lot of money to give his wife the wedding she had dreamed of since she was a little girl. But instead of taking out a loan, or having a tough conversation about tightening their belts, Wozniak lured his friend Sam Herr (an Afghanistan War veteran with a substantial saving's account) out for an evening of drinks. What started as a fun night between friends ended when Wozniak brutally murdered Herr before mutilating his body and tossing his limbs indiscriminately into a park. To cover up his crime he decided to make the death look like a murder-suicide. Hhe pretended to be Herr, sent his girlfriend a bunch of crazy text messages, lured her to Herr's home, and then shot Herr's girlfriend in the head twice before scrawling "ALL YOUR F*CK YOU" on the wall. 

    Wozniak's deception was quickly uncovered. Days after Herr's death, Wozniak began withdrawing cash from his bank account - something that seemed odd to detectives. He was arrested at his bachelor party. 

  • David Mason Learned The Layouts Of Homes While He Used The Bathroom

    David Mason, a career criminal from Omaha, NE, provides a great lesson for people who are still kind enough to allow strangers into their homes. In 2016, Mason asked Joseph Washington if he could use his bathroom, and for some reason Washington said yes. A few hours after Washington left his apartment Mason broke in and stole everything Washington owned. 

    "I go to work, I come back home. My house has been violated,” said Washington, "It looked like [Hurricane] Katrina hit it. He just took stuff and threw it everywhere." Police also believe that Mason sexually assaulted a woman in her apartment after she let him in to use her phone.

  • Jean-Claude Romand Pretended To Be A Doctor For 18 Years

    Jean-Claude Romand was a tricky French murderer who relied on the kindness of his friends, family, and victims while he went  through life pretending to be a doctor. Romand's longest con was telling everyone he passed a second-year medical examination that he never actually took. Instead, he mostly kicked around during the day and when he was meant to be out of town on business, he stayed in hotels where he would study brochures about the places he supposedly went. And no one ever called him on his bullsh*t. He even lied to his wife about how his money was tied up in hedge funds, which was supposedly why he was so broke - but it was really just because he was a loser with no job that spent all of the money he had on hotels. 

    When his family finally began to ask questions about his job (it took two decades for this to happen) he killed his wife, children, parents, and their dog before trying to strangle his mistress to death after shooting tear gas in her face. Later that evening he attempted to burn his house down in what police believe was a false suicide attempt. Remember folks, if someone's life seems too good to be true never feel bad about asking questions. 

  • 71-Year-Old Woman Almost Murdered By Hitchhiking Teens

    A 71-year-old woman from Boulder, CO, was nearly killed after she picked up three teenage hitchhikers who said they were coming home from a camping trip. The teens held the woman at her home for hours were they discussed killing her and stealing her car, after one 16-year-old began assaulting the woman the other two young men ran to a neighbor's house and called the police.

    The main teen escaped into the night, and was last seen climbing into a white hatchback