10 Ice Cold Killers From Alaska That Will Make You Fear The Last Frontier

Cold, barren, remote, and stunningly beautiful, Alaska is a popular destination for people who want to travel off of the beaten path. Oh, and rife with horrific Alaskan crimes.  

There are both killers from Alaska and killers who targeted Alaskans. Some of them are even serial killers. There's just something about places with large areas of untouched landscapes that attracts a certain type of degenerate, like all of the infamous serial killers from Texas. In the case of Alaska, the state's isolation and rugged wilderness make it unfortunately easy to commit unspeakable acts of violence and murder. As a result, it's home to some of the most chilling killers in America. 

The gruesome crimes in Alaska stand in direct contrast with the state's natural beauty. While the northernmost state may not be home to many of the most famous American serial killers, it certainly has its fair share of depraved individuals.