True Crime 10 Real Killers Who Disposed of Their Victims in Unconventional Ways  

Lyra Radford
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As terrifying as it is to accept, there are some pretty creative killers out there, who in addition to being crazy enough to murder people, are also clever enough to get away with it (at least for a while). Those who go unnoticed, free to roam and commit atrocities for a significant amount of time, are often those with unconventional body disposal methods. From acid baths to man-beef stew, killers have gone to every extreme to cover up their crimes.

Without a body, there is no evidence; without a body, there is no murder –at least as far as the law is concerned. Thankfully, every psychopath on this list eventually slipped up and got caught, but their evil acts went on far too long and most of them have their shocking body disposal methods to thank for every moment they spent free.

Robert Pickton Fed His Victims to Pigs
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Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, serial killer Robert Pickton was convicted of murdering anywhere between 6 and 49 women in 2007. Why the wide range of victims? Because they couldn’t find enough bodies to pin down an exact victim count. The only reason they have the number scale they do is because Pickton bragged about killing 49 women, wishing he had hit the 50 mark, to a cell mate that was actually an undercover cop.

This psychotic multi-millionaire was also a pig farmer and he disposed of his victim’s bodies by feeding them to his pigs. There is also the possibility that some of his victim’s remains were ground up into pork that he sold to the public and gave away to family and friends.

Leonarda Cianciulli Made Cakes and Soaps Out of Three Women
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Leonarda Cianciulli was a fortune teller who murdered three women between 1939 and 1940 as sacrifices to keep her son safe after he enlisted in the Italian military. Faustina Setti, Francesca Soavi, and Virginia Cacioppo were all drugged, given wine, and then brutalized with an ax in Cianciulli’s home while visiting her for advice.

Her method of disposing of the bodies are just as cringe-worthy as the crimes themselves. She proudly admitted to having boiled all three women, adding various colognes to turn them into soaps that she gifted to her neighbors. She also explained her process for letting their blood coagulate so that she could mix it with eggs, milk, butter, and such, creating little tea cakes that she fed to the other ladies that came to visit her. She admitted to indulging in these disgusting creations herself, too.  

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Enriqueta Martí preyed on the children of Barcelona, Spain, back in 1912. She was a witch, cannibal, prostitute, and apparently pimped out the children she kidnapped from the streets as well. Any child she couldn’t sell (alive) was brutally murdered and turned into one of her crazy witch-doctor remedies. She would use every piece of her victims to make salves, potions, healing tonics... even the bones were ground down into medicinal powders that she would pedal on the streets as magic cure-alls.

She was finally caught when a neighbor recognized a little girl from missing posters, peeking out from the witch’s window.  

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Dennis Nilsen Tried Stuffing Body Parts Down the Drain
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Dennis Nilsen was also known as the “British Jeffrey Dahmer,” due to his tendency to keep the bodies of his victims around for fear of being alone. Between 1978 and 1983, this necrophiliac and serial killer murdered at least 15 boys and young men, ranging from 14- to 30-years old. As if that weren’t bad enough, he liked to bathe and dress up the bodies, posing them throughout his home as if they were alive and just enjoyed his company so much they didn’t want to leave. He also stored bodies under his floorboards and burned them in a fire pit in his backyard when he felt they’d run their course.

It wasn’t until he moved to an upstairs flat with no storage beneath the floorboards and no backyard for a fire pit that he started cutting up and stuffing body parts down his drains. The entire plumbing system got backed up (obviously) and that’s how he was caught.