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Sadistic Killers Who Burned Their Victims Alive

There are many ways for a sadistic person to kill someone. Some prefer strangulation or placing their victims' bodies in acid, others set their victims on fire. These killers who burned their victims alive either did so on purpose, by dousing them with gasoline or kerosene and lighting a match, or by accident, by setting fire to a house that unfortunately had people in it. Either way, the people who were burned alive by their killers suffered a great deal, in a similar manner as those who were skinned alive. These true stories about people who were burned to death are quite horrific. 

  • Jon David Guerrero Set Several Homeless Men On Fire In San Diego

    In 2016, San Diego, CA was plagued with a series of mysterious deaths. A number of homeless men were found burned to death in various places around the city. Law enforcement circulated a composite sketch of the suspect in the serial killings, and as it turns out, 39-year-old Jon David Guerrero was the person causing the deaths. He is a diagnosed schizophrenic who spent time in and out of jail for years. He is also now responsible for the deaths of Angelo de Nardo, Shawn Longley, and Dionicio Vahidy, as well as an attack on Manuel Mason. He reportedly also killed several men with railroad spikes. 

  • Victor Castigador Killed Two Security Guards By Tying Them Up And Lighting Them On Fire

    Photo: Amelia Rafita / YouTube

    Victor Castigador, a British hitman, killed 2 security guard in 1989 by lighting them on fire. Known as the "human torch" murders, Castigador received what the British called a "whole life sentence" for the crime, meaning that he will never get out of prison. Back in 1989, Castigador and four unnamed cohorts broke into an arcade in the Soho area of London. They robbed the place, then, in an additional act of cruelty, Castigador locked four the arcade's employees - a cashier, a manager, and two security guards - in some sort of security cage. He then coated them with a flammable liquid and lit a match. The security guard died at the scene, although the additional employees survived. In 2016, Castigador killed one of his fellow inmates, brutally beating the man with a rock. 

  • The Former Peter Dinsdale, A Serial Arsonist, Killed 15 People Over 7 Months

    Peter Dinsdale, who changed his name to Bruce Lee, due to his love of kung fu, killed 26 people over a 7-year period in the 1970s. Dinsdale has been jailed in Great Britain since 1981. Some of his victims include children, and a pregnant woman caught in one of the homes that he set on fire survived, but lost her unborn child. In all, Dinsdale set 11 house fires, although he never really explained why he set them. He wound up confessing to the crimes and wound up in jail for manslaughter. 

  • Guiseppe Pecararo Murdered His Romantic Rival With Gasoline And A Match

    A homeless man was burned to death in Palermo, Italy in March 2017. A surveillance camera caught the murder in action. It showed the suspect, Guiseppe Pecararo, dousing the Marcello Cimini with a flammable liquid, then setting him on fire. After his arrest, Pacararo claimed that he killed Cimini in revenge, as he thought Cimini was sleeping with his soon to be ex-wife. Pecararo has so far only been charged with the crime; his case hasn't gone to trial.