Unspeakable Times

People Think Kim Jong Un Murdered His Brother And Blamed 2 Women As Part Of A Bizarre 5-Year-Plan

In February of 2017, Kim Jong Nam, the older brother of infamous North Korean dictator was murdered, and there's a lot of speculation that his little brother Kim Jong Un arranged the killing. North Korea has long been the source of many surreal stories, having been run by a weird family dynasty for decades and closed off from the rest of the world. Although this latest North Korean conspiracy was hatched inside the restricted regime, the actual murder played out in an international airport and is as bizarre as it is terrifying. Kim Jong Nam was walking in Kuala Lumpur's airport when two women ran up to him, rubbed oil on his face, and ran away. Only minutes later, Nam was dead. 

Two female sex workers were arrested and are now standing trial, but both claim they were deceived into thinking they were participating in a harmless TV prank. As they wait in prison, authorities have been hard at work attempting to crack this strange case and figure out just why Kim Jong Nam was murdered, and by whom. In the past, poor planning had foiled three execution attempts against Kim Jong Nam, but the victim would not be so lucky this time.