The Real Rain Man Was Even More Incredible Than The Movie Suggests  

Samantha Dillinger

When the film Rain Man opened in theaters in 1989, its poignant storyline struck a chord with audiences everywhere. That storyline is based on the real life of Kim Peek, the subject of the video below.

Peek provided the inspiration for Dustin Hoffman's character Raymond, an autistic savant taken into the care. Just like Hoffman's Raymond, Peek could perform remarkable mental feats with impossible speed, ease, and accuracy.

If anything, Peek's own real-life achievements far outweigh those of his fictional counterpart. Even still, his story remains eclipsed by the huge success of Rain Man.

To give Peek the credit he deserves, watch the video below to learn about his greatest accomplishments. Rain Man wouldn't exist without Peek's beautiful mind as its inspiration, after all.