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16 Things About 'King Of The Hill' You Never Knew

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King of the Hill has had a cult following since it first aired in 1997, and now, thanks to Hulu, the entire series is available for fans to binge-watch. For 13 seasons, King of the Hill made America laugh with outlandish but down-to-earth perspectives on mundane life in Arlen, TX. The memorable characters have spawned numerous King of the Hill fan theories and a series of look-alike memes, and fans have analyzed every aspect of Mike Judge's creation.

While The Simpsons thrived on chaos and subverting expectations, King of the Hill shined by hilariously reveling in the banality of its characters while also allowing them to evolve throughout the show. And just like The Simpsons, there's a fascinating history behind King of the Hill and the people who brought the show to life. It's easy to wish King of the Hill had new episodes, but you can watch more shows like King of the Hill. Take a look below, do you think you know everything about King of the Hill? Think again.

  • Monsignor Martinez Almost Had A Live-Action Spinoff

    Similar to the live-action Krusty the Clown Simpsons spinoff that never took off, King of the Hill almost had a live-action spinoff featuring one of its most infamous characters. In 2000, Fox commissioned a pilot about Monsignor Martinez. The slayer priest is the titular character in a fictional telenovela watched by the Hill family.

    The network ultimately passed on the pilot, and the show was shelved. While Fox never offered a reason for declining the spinoff, some suggested Fox wasn't comfortable with a show about a mercenary priest wasting a bunch of parishioners.

  • Johnny Hardwick Wasn't The Original Choice For Dale Gribble

    It's impossible to imagine Dale being voiced by anyone but Johnny Hardwick - his manic and deadpan performance is just too perfect for the conspiracy nut. But the role of Dale Gribble was originally offered to the Wet Bandit himself, Daniel Stern of Home Alone fame. When Stern and Fox couldn't agree on a salary, the search for Dale's voice continued.

    Stephen Root also auditioned for the part, but was cast as Bill Dauterive in the end. Johnny Hardwick was offered the role of Dale Gribble after Greg Daniels, co-creator of King of the Hill, watched him perform a comedy set about his Texan father at the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles. In interviews, Hardwick cites William S. Burroughs as his inspiration for Dale.

  • An Angry Voicemail Inspired Boomhauer's Voice

    There are a lot of unique performances on King of the Hill, but the one that arguably takes the cake is Mike Judge's turn as the incomprehensible fast-talker, Boomhauer. Judge revealed the voice of Boomhauer was inspired by a nonsensical rant he got on his voicemail in regards to his previous show, Beavis and Butt-Head.

    The caller, for reasons unknown, kept calling the show Porky's Butthole.

  • Bill Dauterive Is More Than Just A Cartoon Character

    There's more to William Fontaine "Bill" de La Tour Dauterive than meets the eye. He's named after King of the Hill writer and executive producer Jim Dauterive, who worked on the show from the first episode through its series finale.

    Dauterive also developed the Fox animated sitcom Bob's Burgers with series creator Loren Bouchard. He is still involved with its production.