animated Dale Gribble's Craziest Conspiracy Theories on King of the Hill  

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Dale Gribble has espoused conspiracy theories on King of the Hill since the first episode of the animated series. Hank's best friend and the most paranoid crackpot in Arlen, Texas has a lot of distrust of the federal government and virtually any institution or living creature. Despite his paranoia, however, Dale is unable to grasp even the most obvious facts, such as his wife Nancy's ongoing affair with local stud John Redcorn.

Even when you think you've heard all of the Dale conspiracy theories, he comes up with another elaborate, totally unfounded notion to add to the theory pile.

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Fidel Castro Stole Dale's Lawnmower to Make a Submarine

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In "Dog Dale Afternoon," Hank and the guys play a prank on Gribble by stealing his precious riding lawn mower. Things take a turn when Dale's ultra-paranoia expands into super-ultra-paranoia. It gets so out of control that Dale truly believes Cuban communists are involved in the theft of his beloved mower.

"I'd like to live in your fairy-tale world, Hank," Dale explains, "but the Fair Play For Cuba Committee is retrofitting my mower to power Fidel's one-man escape sub."
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Peanut Allergies Are the Result of Peanuts Fighting Back Against Humanity

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With peanut allergies becoming increasingly common, Dale shares his theory on the phenomenon in "Naked Ambition." In his paranoid, needlessly complex estimation, peanuts have evolved and developed a defense mechanism to prevent themselves from being safely eaten.

The war between man and peanut has begun.

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The Army Destroys Soldiers' Brain Cells

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In the episode "Tankin' It to the Streets," Dale reveals the reason why Bill is an "ignoranus" while the gang is holed up inside of an army tank. According to Gribble, the military supplies all soldiers with a drug to keep them obedient and dumb. It's called "Pla-see-bo." Since Bill served, in Dale's view, his brain was forever corrupted by the military's drugs.
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The Super Bowl Is Taped Six Months in Advance

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Hank is torn between watching the Super Bowl and playing God in "Meet the Manger Babies," but Dale helpfully puts things back into perspective.

"The Super Bowl was pre-taped six months ago in the same Nevada hangar where they faked the moon landing," he points out.

So the Super Bowl is just as fixed as pro wrestling, but with a much better budget and an unknown clandestine purpose.