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12 Times Hank Was Genuinely Proud of Bobby on King of the Hill

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King of the Hill is not only a great animated show, it features one of the most real and grounded father-son relationships in television. In real life, many fathers and sons love each other, but struggle to understand one another much like the Hills. In spite our love of the catchphrase "Dammit, Bobby," there are a number of touching father-son moments between Hank and Bobby on King of the Hill.

In fact, even though Hank is reserved and frequently questions his son's choices, he is often proud of his boy. Despite their differences, there are many moments on the show where Hank beams with pride for what Bobby has accomplished. These moments illustrate the bond between the two despite all of the exterior differences and separate interests. Their relationship is arguably the best of any between King of the Hill characters and it's familiar to countless fathers and sons.

Check out this list of times where Hank Hill was proud of Bobby Hill and vote up the ones that touched your heart the most.

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    Bobby Hill: Grill Master

    In the final episode of the series, titled "To Sirloin With Love," Hank and Bobby finally find the one thing they can truly and fully bond over: grilling meat. Hank is impressed with Bobby's innate ability to recognize and identify quality cuts of beef.

    The series ends with father and son firing up the grill (propane, of course) and cooking up some perfectly cut, exquisitely grilled steaks for the whole neighborhood.

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    Bobby Being a Natural Marksman

    Hank finds out Bobby is a crack shot when Bobby dominates a shooting game at the county fair in "How to Fire a Rifle Without Really Trying." Hank is proud and impressed with his son's natural shooting ability, especially since Hank himself is laughably bad with a rifle.

    The tables are turned in this episode, as Bobby ends up being proud of Hank when the duo place second in a father-son target shooting tournament.

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    The End of the Pilot Episode

    The very first episode of King of the Hill perfectly sets up the father-son dynamic that will last the whole series. After a child protection agency officer threatens to take Bobby away from the Hill family, Bobby acts out and Hank is forced to hold back his anger. After the police dismiss the CPA agent's claims, things return to normal, but Bobby believes he is a disappointment to Hank.

    After moments of awkward small talk, Hank says, "Disappointment? No, you make me proud. I've been disappointed by just about everything else in this town, but you? Not once. Dammit, you're my boy. You know better than that."

    If that doesn't make you want to call your dad, nothing will.

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    Hank's a Maniac for the Propaniacs

    Hank has never quite understood Bobby's comedy. Hank's whole sense of humor is a bit dry. In "Meet the Propaniacs," however, Bobby unveils some material on propane that mercilessly tickles Hank's funny bone.

    By doing sketches and jokes based around the propane industry, Bobby is able to hit earn Hank's respect as a comedian.

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