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23 Propane-Loving Tattoos Inspired by King of the Hill

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If these King of the Hill tattoos are anything to go by, there's no better way to honor a conservative propane-loving small town dad than with a giant tattoo of his face. New episodes of King of the Hill haven't aired in years, but these King of the Hill tattoo ideas will live on forever. Has there been a more memorable TV catchphrase in the last 20 years than "That's my purse! I don't know you?" 

According to all the people who actually got Bobby Hill tattoos, the answer is obviously no. Bobby's hardly the only KotH character worthy of ink, though. Tattoos can be immensely personal and beautiful, but they can also just be hilarious. Or they can be all of those things at once. They can even allude to some of the wildest conspiracy theories in Arlen, Texas.

 Whether you love propane or boggle or have an alias named Rusty Shackleford or not, you are gonna love these tattoos inspired by King of the Hill, I'll tell you h'wat. 
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    Self Defense 101

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    In Tribute to Rusty Shackleford

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    Got His Knee Caps Shot Off in the War

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    The Truth Is Out There

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