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Mick Jacobs
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Even among the typically lighthearted and adorable world of Nintendo, Kirby stands out as one of the most innocuous characters and series. But if you dig a little deeper and consider a few fan theories about Kirby, you start to realize there's more to the pink than you think.

For one thing, Kirby stands as the only character - Nintendo or otherwise - who survives the World of Light attack in Smash Bros Ultimate, suggesting he could possess more power and/or significance than many might assume. Many Kirby fan theories also posit the pink hero is actually a nefarious character with mean streak hidden behind his squishy exterior. As with most video game fan theories, plenty of the best suppositions hold enough water to be considered very likely possibilities.

It's time to make a return to Dreamland and find out how much of a nightmare it may be.

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Kirby Is One Of Nintendo's Strongest Characters

From Redditor /u/Bulbmin66:

This is not me saying, this is Sakurai’s word. I originally thought it was just bias because Sakurai is the creator of Kirby, but it turns out he actually knows quite a bit of the power scaling lore of the characters.

He says that Kirby’s Warp Star is able to defy physics and warp outside of galaxies since the first game, which is something that funnily enough I don’t remember ever being confirmed before. I mean, it’s obviously in the name, but all of the Warp Star speed feats just show it moving really fast rather than warping. Since Sakurai is the creator of the series, that’s a source as reliable as possible. So not only the Warp Star moves FTL, but it’s also able to make instant travel. Neat.

Another interesting thing he says is that the other two contenders for survivability were Bayonetta and Palutena. He says that Bayonetta could escape with help of the enemies from the Purgatorio, while Palutena could survive with the help of Hades. Not sure how those methods would work since I’ve never played the games, so someone with better knowledge could evaluate that. That means Rosalina couldn’t escape the attack, so the Launch Stars aren’t able to send targets outside of galaxies. And of course, everyone else is toast too.

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Shiver Star Is Actually Post-Apocalyptic Earth

The fifth level of Kirby and the Crystal Shards takes the protagonist to Shiver Star. On its surface, Shiver Star features the expected snow and ice, but Kirby only spends a little time there before descending into the planet. Within the planet, Kirby comes across large, autonomous factories as well as a shopping mall, though no one appears to be operating or inhabiting these areas sans your expected monsters. As he passes through the factory levels, Kirby comes across pictures of animals from Earth.

The geography of Shiver Star closely resembles that of Earth, albeit in gray and white, and fans suggest the icy layers are the result of a nuclear winter. If this is the case, it means Kirby not only takes place in the real world, but it's also many millennia after humans have died out.

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An Endless Galaxy Exists Inside Kirby

Kirby is most famous for his inhale ability, allowing him to consume nearly limitless amounts of food and foes and even copy their abilities. Because of this, some theorize within Kirby exists an entire other dimension. This explains how the inhale ability works - the massive galaxy inside him creates a vortex when he opens his mouth, thus allowing for Kirby's incredible suction power.

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Meta Knight Is Merely An Older Kirby

From Redditor /u/tveye363:

We all know that Meta Knight and Kirby are the same species. What if the reason Kirby can copy abilities is because he’s so young and he’s learning his place in the world? Sort of like the explanation for why Jack-Jack has a ton of Superpowers in The Incredibles, Kirby is the same way.

Meta Knight settled on the Sword ability and got better and better at using it. When Kirby grows up, he might also settle on one specific ability.

Alternatively, Meta Knight can also copy abilities and he just doesn’t want to. The reason he looks exactly like Kirby is because he’s actually the same age, but wears the mask because he wants to appear more grown up.

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