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The Entire 'Kirby' Mythology Is A Psychedelic Mix Of Sci-Fi And Fantasy

Updated April 18, 2019 12 items

The history of Kirby is a strange one. Across decades of Kirby games, the ravenous pink blob has built up a backstory that is absolutely bonkers. It barely makes any sense, but that's the beauty of most Nintendo characters. Things don't have to make sense to be fun. 

What is Kirby? From his many abilities to his intergalactic origin, Kirby is a much more complex hero than you might expect. Kirby's not just a hungry dude who eats his enemies and frolics around Dream Land looking for snacks - he's also a great warrior sent from across the galaxy to protect Dream Land from evildoers. 

Kirby's Dream Land introduced us to the crazy world of Kirby in 1992, and fans have been adventuring in this realm of magic and science fiction ever since. After nearly three decades, the Kirby mythology can seem pretty impenetrable. For those gamers just jumping into the series, here are some basic things about the Kirby universe that you need to know.

  • The Kirby Universe Fuses Science Fiction And Fantasy

    Photo: Nintendo

    The most important thing to understand about the Kirby universe is its tone. Drawing from the classic Nintendo sensibility where fun supersedes continuity and logic, Kirby games take place in a psychedelic world that fuses both science fiction and fantasy. For instance, Kirby may float his way through a spaceship filled with fairies and sky pirates while making his way across Planet Pop Star.

    Kiby faces a combination of intergalactic and magical enemies throughout the series. None of it really makes much sense, but this is Dream Land. Things don't really have to make any sense in a dream.

  • Kirby Lives In A Region Called Dream Land On A Planet Called Pop Star

    Photo: Nintendo

    Kirby is from a star-shaped planet surrounded by rings called Pop Star, and he lives on the largest "country" on the planet, a region called Dream Land. Despite the fact that it's shaped like no planet ever known to science - it's in very distant space and we can't see it from Earth, according to Nintendo - Pop Star is surprisingly Earth-like in terms of its surface. There are mountains, bodies of water, a blue sky, and the like. 

    Dream Land is the region where most of the games take place, and Kirby is tasked with protecting it throughout the series from the evil tyrant King Dedede, Meta Knight, and other outside threats from magical realms.

  • Kirby Is A Star Warrior Who Crash-Landed On Pop Star

    Photo: Nintendo

    The anime Kirby: Right Back at Ya! establishes that Kirby isn't originally from the planet Pop Star. He's a member of an order known as the Star Warriors from an unknown part of space.

    Kirby first encounters Pop Star while hibernating on a spaceship meant to travel across the universe to some great source of evil. When the ship nears Pop Star, it detects monsters and wakes up Kirby from his slumber 200 years ahead of schedule. Unable to pilot the ship, Kirby crash-lands on Pop Star, which becomes his permanent residence.

  • Kirby Saves Dream Land By Recovering Food Taken By King Dedede In The First Game

    Photo: Nintendo

    Kirby's Dream Land for the Game Boy introduced the world to Nintendo's beloved pink hero in 1992. The plot is fairly simple and spartan in keeping with games of that era and the technological limitations of the handheld. That doesn't mean there isn't room for some ridiculous details. Chief among them is the villain at the center of it all: King Dedede.

    The tyrannical penguin and self-proclaimed ruler of Dream Land takes all the food in the world, leaving the everyday creatures in a dire situation. Kirby rises up to correct this injustice, apparently by eating and regurgitating all of Dedede's minions.