Funny The Most Epic Kiss Cam Moments Ever Captured  

Derrick Deane
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Ah, the Kiss Cam... that romantic invention created to showcase loving couples at sporting events around the world. When done right, kiss cam videos are sweet, but boring. Who wants to see two happy people give each other a normal smooch? That’s not real life. These funny kiss cam moments prove that, above all, true love is weird.

Some might call them kiss cam fails, but these hilarious and awkward examples of public passion are what romance is all about. Namely: making out with your beer, trying to kiss strangers, and getting in relationship-ending fights. As with everything on the Internet, the best kiss cam videos feature make out sessions that don’t quite go as planned.

Which of these attempts at public affection are the funniest kiss cam videos on the web? Do you prefer when one kisser takes another by surprise? Or when one sports fan is too interested in his phone to give proper attention to his girlfriend? It’s time to decide! Vote up the worst kissing fails ever caught on camera.
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Always Be Prepared

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David Beckham Wins Cutest Dad Ever

Oh, and that kid's pretty cute too. 

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Sibling Rivalry

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A Gentle Makeout

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