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Being a Game of Thrones fan isn't always easy. After all, your favorite character may get their head swiftly chopped off at any moment. But at least the creators have rewarded their loyal fans with loads of gratuitous shirtless scenes from the muscular cast. Kit Harington is among the main heartthrobs on the show, but the fate of his character Jon Snow remains a mystery after the fifth season's finale. It's still up for debate whether or not fans will see the actor grace HBO shirtless – or even clothed – ever again.

Although Harington is a bit of a mystery off screen as well, his private personality hasn't prevented him from revealing a few NSFW snippets about his sex life. For admirers looking to learn more about his dating habits – and possibly become the next Kit Harington girlfriend – these facts about his sex life are the perfect place to start. If you're a fan of Kit Harington, NSFW info like this might just help you snap him up before the highly eligible bachelor is married. While hardcore Game of Thrones fans may continue obsessing over whether Jon Snow will live to see another day, they can at least solve the mystery of Harington's sexual habits with these TMI facts.

He Doesn't Like To Be Called A Hunk

Don't call Kit Harington a hunk. Despite being considered a major sex symbol in the Game of Thrones universe, Harington takes major offense to the title. Harington hates the way the media objectifies and sexualizes him as an actor, describing it as exploitative. He actually received some backlash for these comments, as he attempted to compare his sentiments to women's long history of sexual commodification in TV and film.

He Lets His Fans Touch His Abs

While on vacation in Brazil, tabloid pictures emerged of Harington allowing one (very lucky) fan to cop a feel of his chiseled abs. So if you happen to catch Harington in a good mood, don't rule out the possibility of being blessed with a similar experience.

His Mom Won't Watch GoT Because Of His Sex Scenes

According to Harington, his mother had to quit Game of Thrones. Aside from all of the violence, his mom was not particularly fond of his nude scenes, referring to them as "too much." Perhaps Harington can consider this a relief.  

But He Did Actually Watch One Of His Sex Scenes With His Parents

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Although his mom refuses to watch the show now, that doesn't mean there weren't a few accidents along the way. Apparently, Harington made the mistake of watching a particularly racy episode of Game of Thrones with his parents one night. His mother left in a cloud of awkward confusion when her son showed up stark naked on screen. "Whoops" is an understatement.