27 Extra Spicy Posts That Only People Who Work In Restaurants Will Understand



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If you've never worked in a restaurant, the following list will still be pretty funny and/or interesting. As culled from r/kitchenconfidential, here are some of the best posts from restaurant workers. Be sure to vote up your favorites.

  • 1. Just Clean It

    Just Clean It
    Photo: u/mrduncansir42 / Reddit
    440 votes
  • 2. River Of Shame

    River Of Shame
    Photo: u/goatf*ckersupreme / Reddit
    380 votes
  • 3. Unseemly Wrap

    Unseemly Wrap
    Photo: u/lazy_kaiju / Reddit
    330 votes
  • 4. Unwind

    Photo: u/GoodFighting / Reddit
    383 votes
  • 5. They're Having Fun

    They're Having Fun
    Photo: u/MaryBitchards / Reddit
    528 votes
  • 6. Not Good

    Not Good
    Photo: u/Astrova95 / Reddit
    346 votes