29 Extra Spicy Posts That Only People Who Work In Restaurants Will Understand

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Working in a restaurant kitchen can be a tiring and thankless job. You rarely get compliments and mostly hear complaints. So what's a kitchen staff to do? Go on r/kitchenconfidential and share their food service frustrations of course. Be sure to vote up your favorites. 

  • 1. Unclean

    Photo: u/burnedflag / Reddit
  • 2. Carrot Rumors

    Carrot Rumors
    Photo: Reddit / Twitter
  • 3. Meatbird

    Photo: u/No-Bans / Reddit
  • 4. BLT Is DOA

    BLT Is DOA
    Photo: u/FlipGordon / Reddit
  • 5. All The Veggies

    All The Veggies
    Photo: u/DaCowgirl / Reddit
  • 6. Only Fair

    Only Fair
    Photo: Reddit / Twitter