25 Funny Posts That Will Only Make Sense To People Who Work In Restaurant Kitchens

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We may not all work in a restaurant but we've all been to a restaurant and seen what kind of wild behavior can occur from our fellow customers. Thankfully restaurant workers have taken to r/kitchenconfidential to share their frustrations (and favorite memes). Be sure to vote up your favorites and don't forget to tip at least 20%.

  • 1. No Days Off

    No Days Off
    Photo: u/PHON3-BOi / Reddit
    241 votes
  • 2. The Real Danger

    The Real Danger
    Photo: u/Merlins_Owl / Reddit
    180 votes
  • 3. Duality Of The Whisk

    Duality Of The Whisk
    Photo: Reddit / Twitter
    237 votes
  • 4. Your Time Is Ours

    Your Time Is Ours
    Photo: u/moose_nd_squirrel / Reddit
    188 votes
  • 5. Spring Rolls Are Unpredictable

    Spring Rolls Are Unpredictable
    Photo: Reddit / Twitter
    170 votes
  • 6. You're Eating What?

    You're Eating What?
    Photo: u/RealGrizzledYoungVet / Reddit
    129 votes