27 Funny Posts That Only People Who Work In Restaurants Will Appreciate

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We may not all work in restaurants but we've all been to a restaurant. So let's take a look behind the front of house and into the kitchen to see where the real spicy content lives. You can find more posts like this at r/kitchenconfidential. Be sure to vote up your favorites.

  • 1. Never Too Much

    Never Too Much
    Photo: Reddit / Twitter
    119 votes
  • 2. Wholesome Turn Of Events

    Wholesome Turn Of Events
    Photo: u/bikepunxx / Reddit
    217 votes
  • 3. Seems Risky

    Seems Risky
    Photo: u/sgtragequit / Reddit
    83 votes
  • 4. All The Signs Are There

    All The Signs Are There
    Photo: u/MikeW86 / Reddit
    75 votes
  • 5. Troubling Baggage

    Troubling Baggage
    Photo: u/NoGoodIDNames / Reddit
    60 votes
  • 6. Click Click

    Click Click
    Photo: u/BrickChef72 / Reddit
    72 votes