27 Funny Memes Made By Restaurant Workers

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Restaurant workers have proven to be the true heroes of the pandemic. They're showing up to work for long hours and making tasty food for all of us slobs stuck at home. It's not an easy job but thankfully they're letting their frustrations known at the subreddit r/kitchenconfidential. Here are some of our favorites. 

  • 1. Customers Are Always Annoying

    Customers Are Always Annoying
    Photo: u/Andybobandy0 / Reddit
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  • 2. Food Service Workers Are Exposed To A Lot Of Stupid

    622 votes
  • 3. Safety First!

    Safety First!
    Photo: u/salty___bae / Reddit
    605 votes
  • 4. Everyone's A Daredevil

    Everyone's A Daredevil
    Photo: u/PHON3-BOi / Reddit
    343 votes
  • 5. Mop Action

    Mop Action
    Photo: u/charcootmagoot / Reddit
    385 votes
  • 6. A Banner Day

    A Banner Day
    Photo: u/BomekeBerlin / Reddit
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