Graveyard Shift

40 People Heard This Woman's Brutal Murder In Front Of Her Own Home, But No One Tried To Help Her

As is most often the case, it takes a tragedy to catalyze the creation of something that should have existed long beforehand, such as traffic lights, Amber Alerts, seat belt laws, etc. There is a tragic story to be found in most of the safety features in our life if we take a look at their origin, and the story behind the creation of the 911 Operator is no different. Nowadays we just take it for granted, and more often than not when there is a crime committed multiple calls are received concerning the same incident. However; there were not numerous calls during the murder of Kitty Genovese, although dozens of people witnessed her attack. At least, that's what was initially reported. No one paid attention as the young woman was brutally assaulted and therein lies the tragic story of the murder that started the 911 emergency call line. Continue reading to learn more about the case of Kitty Genovese.