Graveyard Shift

It Was Once A Hot Spot For Hollywood Elites - But A Pattern Of Tragic Events Led To Its Demise

From the Bates Motel to the Overlook Hotel, the existence of haunted hotels has fascinated people for generations, likely because real-life haunted hotels can be found in practically every state. Haunted hotels exist across the United States, where apparitions are known to walk the halls and objects move, float, or break on their own accord. Each encounter is unique and intriguing to those who believe that a ghostly dimension overlaps our own. And the Knickerbocker Hotel haunting comes with the added bonus of being home to the ghosts of some of Hollywood's most recognizable figures.

Originally opened in the late 1920s, the Knickerbocker Hotel experienced its first brush with the occult during a 1936 Halloween seance held by Harry Houdini's widow on its rooftop. Since then, a startling number of famous individuals have met their untimely demise or have gone through life-altering events while under its roof. Today, many people even believe the Knickerbocker Hotel hosts a few spectral guests who never had a chance to check out.