15 Things You (Definitely) Didn't Know About The Knights Of Ren

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While there are plenty of fans who didn't like the Star Wars sequel trilogy released by Disney, there are some aspects of the movies that warranted few complaints, regardless of what you thought of the films. One of the biggest letdowns of the sequel trilogy were the Knights of Ren; the films barely touched on who they were, what they wanted, and where they came from after teasing them throughout the marketing for two of the three films.

The films feature the Knights of Ren only briefly, with the bulk of their appearances coming in The Rise of Skywalker. Fortunately, the movies aren't the only place to learn about such an enigmatic group! There are a handful of comic books and tie-in novels that flesh out the backstory of Ben Solo/Kylo Ren and the Knights of Ren, including a brief interaction with none other than Luke Skywalker. These sources have revealed the answers to numerous questions, including where did the Knights of Ren come from, are the Knights of Ren Sith, and can the Knights of Ren use the Force.

Despite Star Wars being one of the most exciting and impressive franchises of all time, there's still a lot the general fan base doesn't know about the Knights of Ren. This list takes a look at the lore from as many sources as possible to uncover the things you didn't know about the Knights of Ren.

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    Ren And His Six Knights Were Bested By Luke Skywalker All On His Own

    When Ben Solo joined his uncle, Luke Skywalker, to learn the ways of the Force, he became a Padawan to the only Jedi Master in the galaxy. Luke would take Ben on various missions, many of which were meant to recover Jedi artifacts that might help rebuild the Jedi Order. In one such mission, Luke, Ben, and Lor San Tekka traveled to Elphrona to recover artifacts from a Jedi outpost. They quickly learned that they weren't the only interested party looking for those artifacts.

    As they were looking around, the Knights of Ren revealed themselves. The two groups chatted for a bit, but the conflict was unavoidable after Ren ignited his lightsaber. Luke quickly showed the poorly trained Force-sensitive Knights of Ren how to lose in a fight against someone who mastered their use of the Force. He quickly (and easily) defeated every one of them before they finally admitted defeat and left. Before they departed, Ren removed his helmet and suggested that Ben might join him sometime in the future. With that, he left his helmet on the ground, and the Knights of Ren departed.

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    They Required A Personal Sacrifice To Join Their Ranks

    Joining the Knights of Ren wasn't as simple as walking up to them in a bar and asking for a business card. They wouldn't even consider a person if they didn't sense "The Shadow" within them, but beyond that, they had to earn membership. When Ben Solo attempted to join the group, he was asked to provide a "good kill," which he had difficulty doing. This was due to his tenuous connection to the light side of the Force, which was sensed by the group's leader, Ren.

    A prospective applicant needed to offer up a personal sacrifice, and for Ben, that was the earning of a "good kill." When he finally achieved said execution, he immediately turned on Ren and took him out, taking command of the group. He then walked over to the only surviving Jedi (from Luke Skywalker's school) and quickly stabbed her through the chest, asking, "Why do you even want to live?" From then on, Kylo was the Master of the Knights of Ren.

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    Each Member Had A Preferred Fighting Style And Weapon

    The leader of the Knights of Ren always wielded the Ren, a red-bladed lightsaber, and this didn't change when Kylo Ren took over the group. While every member of the Knights of Ren had a connection to the Force, only the leader carried such a weapon. The rest of the group was left to carry different melee weapons with physical blades (instead of plasma). Each member used specific weaponry and armor best suited to their fighting ability.

    Some members of the group carried blasters, while others carried smoke canisters and concussion grenades. Others carried plasma bolt shells and spiked gloves. Whatever their choice, it was made to increase their lethality in battle, and each member of the Knights of Ren was a skilled warrior. One member carried a long ax while another preferred a war club. Others carried vibro-blades and blaster rifles, and one Knight even had an arm cannon. While they carried long-range weaponry, they preferred to get up close and personal with their targets, and they were incredibly good at melee combat.

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    The Knights Of Ren Were Not Affiliated With The Sith

    The Knights Of Ren Were Not Affiliated With The Sith
    Photo: Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    There's a duality to the Force such that the light side of the Force is "good," while the dark side of the Force is "evil." In reality, both sides offer a balance of the Force throughout the galaxy. Because of this, most fans see "bad guys" like the Knights of Ren as members of the Sith, while "good guys" like Ahsoka Tano are Jedi. Those are only two schools of thought on the proper ways to train and study the Force, but a person doesn't have to belong to one side or the other to use the Force or carry a lightsaber.

    Ahsoka Tano left the Jedi Order, so she wasn't a Jedi following the events of the Clone Wars despite continuing to use her skills and training to do good around the galaxy. Similarly, the Knights of Ren never belonged to the Sith. They are evil and aligned to the dark side of the Force, but they aren't Sith, which is an important distinction. According to the Rule of Two, only two Sith can exist at any one time in the galaxy. Because they weren't affiliated, they could operate freely in the Unknown Regions while the Sith got to work taking over the rest of the galaxy.

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    The Knights Were Served By A Sith Alchemist Named Albrekh

    When it came time for Kylo Ren to reforge his helmet, he took it to Albrekh, a Symeong Sith alchemist who served Kylo Ren and the Knights of Ren. His primary function was to repair the armor and weapons of the Knights of Ren while serving aboard the Night Buzzard, the group's transport.

    He was seen in a brief scene in The Rise of Skywalker while repairing Kylo's helmet. As he welded the armor parts together into their familiar shape, he used sarrassian iron to fill the gaps, leaving a distinctive red coloration between the seams. While he was in the service of the Knights of Ren, his true function was as the chief metalsmith and Sith alchemist to the Supreme Leader of the First Order, so he worked for Snoke before working directly for Kylo Ren.

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    The Knights Of Ren Originate From The Unknown Regions

    In the Star Wars galaxy, the Unknown Regions are a region of the galaxy to the far west of the Outer Rim. They are largely unexplored by the people of the core, including the Republic, the Empire, and the New Republic. Many dangers originated in the Unknown Regions, including the Knights of Ren.

    The Knights of Ren were active for centuries in the Unknown Regions, where their reputation made them a cautionary tale about moving into unknown space. During the reign of the Galactic Empire, the Knights of Ren made a name for themselves, functioning as a band of renegades and rogues. When the Empire fell, the group's activity grew, and they filled the niche left by the missing Jedi and Sith.