The Very Best Sweaters In 'Knives Out'

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Vote up the sweaters you'd take drastic measures to get into your closet.

Knives Out premiered in November 2019, and immediately gained acclaim for its clever script and star-studded cast. But audiences were also smitten with one particular facet of Rian Johnson's whodunnit: all those comfy looking sweaters. There's a Knives Out sweater for every wardrobe, from funky patterned dusters to cable-knit pullovers. And then there's that Chris Evans Knives Out sweater - it's causing almost as much internet buzz as the twisty film itself.

You won't find any spoilers here, but you will see plenty of cozy knitwear. However you feel about the members of the scheming Thrombey family, you have to admit they've got style.

  • 1. Ransom's White Distressed Sweater

    Ransom's White Distressed Sweater
    Photo: Lionsgate
  • 2. Marta's Cream Sweater

    Marta's Cream Sweater
    Photo: Lionsgate
  • 3. Ransom's Blue Sweater

    Ransom's Blue Sweater
    Photo: Lionsgate
  • 4. Marta's Brown Cardigan

    Marta's Brown Cardigan
    Photo: Lionsgate
  • 5. Marta's Lilac Cardigan

    Marta's Lilac Cardigan
    Photo: Lionsgate
  • 6. Joni's White Cardigan

    Joni's White Cardigan
    Photo: Lionsgate