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9 Facts That Will Absolutely Ruin Your Perception of Koalas

What’s not to love about koalas, right? This cuddly-looking, cute marsupial is the living embodiment of a cartoon teddy bear. They’re nature’s stuffed animals, just chilling the day away eating eucalyptus and loving life. If that’s your impression of these miserable animals, then you are in dire need of an education.

News flash: koalas are the worst. Anyone unfortunate enough to come into contact with one of these little devils knows the savage truth. These ferocious little animals may look like a kind little cutie just waiting for a friend, but that’s far from the truth. There are myriad reasons koalas are actually horrible animals. From rampant attacks on the people they encounter to the disgusting behavior of their young, koalas are just terrible to their core.

If you’re willing to have your illusions shattered, then continue reading, because mean koala facts (and a possible rude awakening) await anyone daring enough to learn the awful reality of these seemingly innocuous little leaf eaters.