The 100 Best Songs That Reference Kobe Bryant 

Coley Reed
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Here are the 100 best songs that reference Kobe Bryant. When the legendary basketball player died unexpectedly in a helicopter crash in February 2020, there was seemingly no community not crushed by the loss. Bryant's legacy reached a global scale: past his five rings, the LA Laker was an Academy Award-winner, philanthropist, and inspirational figure throughout a diverse variety of cultures. 

But, outside of the sports world, there was perhaps no cultural institution more impacted by Bryant than the rap scene. From Drake's lyrics about Kobe, to Chief Keef's 2012 hip hop track "Kobe," there are countless songs which include Kobe lyrics, and many rap songs which entirely center around Kobe Bryant. After his death, Reddit user lutang2 put together a playlist of 81 songs which reference Black Mamba, and in honor of his legacy, we've put together a list of 100 good songs that pay tribute to Kobe. 

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Rick Ross

Kobe 'bout to lose a hundred fifty Ms
Kobe my n***a, I hate it had to be him
B***h, you wasn't with me shootin' in the gym
(Huh! B***h, you wasn't with me shootin' in the gym)

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Chief Keef

Watch me hit the strip club make it rain like I’m Kobe
Industry full of lames I play the game like I'm Kobe
And since I think I'm Kobe my b***h don't like to know me
This is for them n****s that be thinking they Kobe

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ScHoolboy Q

Beggars can't be choosers, b***h this ain't Chipotle
N**** with an attitude, I feel like O'Shea
Walkin', livin' legend, man I feel like Kobe

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Young Thug

Call little shawty, made her f**k on my brodie
If you don't owe me, b***h, still act like you owe me
I promise I won't ever quit, b***h I'm Kobe
And I whip that white, you can snow me

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Kanye West

All these thots on Christian Mingle
Almost what got Tristan single
If you don't ball like him or Kobe
Guarantee that b***h gonna leave you

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Travis Scott

Plus she know my baby mama is a trophy
She be throwing up them B's, feel like we both bleed
She keep my d**k jumpin' up, feel like I'm Moby
I'm way too gold for this beef, feel like I'm Kobe, yeah

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Kendrick Lamar

I lost a lot of love for missionary
This the first time I react
Me and top is like a Kobe and ville
A father figure play with him you get killed
Play with me and he will kill you himself

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Roddy Ricch

I been tryna get a crib so long, now I got it, it's gated
I been touchin' all these millions, I know they gon' hate it
My chef cook up filet mignon, got sauce and then ate it
N***a, I been ballin' every season like Kobe with eight

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NLE Choppa

I might just OD, Percs killin' me slowly
Feelin' like I'm Kobe, can't nan' n***a hold me
If he wanna run up on me, shoot him like Ginobili
And I'm with the sh*t, lil' homie, yeah, like I'm Toby (Yeah)

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The Game

I'm Kobe on the Lakers floor, except I give you 84
Shake you like Haiti's floor
Walk up on you like "What's going on baby boy?"
Shots in that Mercedes door

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Meek Mill

Spend eighty-thou on my Rolly
Young n***a ball like Kobe
Riding round me and Chino
And my young n***a Goldie

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I shine just like a popstar, MJ my initial
Kobe Bryant with the spin moves
If these n****s got issues, H-town with Beyonce
Turn her to my prom date
King pin like Jay Z, dance moves like J.T


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Meek Mill

I just took a Perc now I'm on another level
Tasting on the molly got me dancing with the devil
Poured 8th of Kobe Bryant mixing purple with the yellow
Got these racks on demand hard to keep this s**t together

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Cause a slave my whole life, now I'm the master
How it feel to wake up and be the s**t, and the urine?
Tryna get that Kobe number, one over Jordan


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Chief Keef

My favorite player Rose, aye, money on him let's go
We be on that bulls**t, we from Chicago
My favorite player Kobe, you be holy moly

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Big Sean

For ya, though, I guess I charged it to the game
How much it cost? Around twenty88
Going off like Kobe when he wore the Crazy Eights
All y’all n****s looking like my kiddos wearing Bape

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Flatbush Zombies

You hatin’, I’ll be somewhere slayin’ b*****s by their face on me
Catch a fade, Kobe, with an eighth on me
Not phased, don’t pass that s**t homie

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Childish Gambino

They too busy stabbing h**s like OJ
They too busy trapping pros like Kobe
The only thing I put before me is do re
If you had told me the truth we'd be OK

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J. Cole

Money was an issue, but now that that's solved
I ball, I ball, like Kobe in the fall
Put trophies on my wall, rather trophies on my mantle
Dog my shows be off the handle, take the proceeds go to gamble

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You Jordan or Pippen (True), I'm Kobe, I'm never gon' dish it
(Or miss it)
I'm business as f**k and I ain't got the time to just kick it

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Justin Bieber

Like Luke with the force, when push comes to shove
Like Kobe in the 4th, ice water with blood

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Lil Uzi Vert

Balling like Kobe I never get cold
All of this s**t yeah I did on my own
Talk to my momma she said me get grown
Mama be quiet I'm gon' buy you a home

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Playboi Carti

Ballin' on your ho like Kobe, uh (Ballin')
Dunkin' on your ho like no B
Bald head like Ginóbili
Piru, watch my nose bleed

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Give you ice, like Kobe right
We sorta like Goldie right
The way, we mode em right

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YBN Cordae

Ain't your pockets obese? They won't fit in those seats
Ayy, we like a cold team, n***a, Shaq and Kobe
Like back in '03, I was only like 6
S**t, I was like 16, but I can give a sixteen