The Best Korean Actresses Of 2023

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Many talented Korean actresses have appeared in popular K-dramas and Korean movies over the years, but which Hallyu star is the most in-demand actress right now? Here are the most popular Korean actresses of 2023, ranked by fans.

From K-pop idol turned actress IU from Broker and Shades of the Heart to veteran actress Son Ye-jin from The Negotiation and Cross (which hopefully comes out this year). We could not be more excited about what South Korean actresses are going to show us in film and television this year like Park Ji-yeon in her 2023 movie Gangnam Zombie.

Vote up all your favorite Korean actresses of 2023 to help them reach the top of the list. Don't hesitate to vote down the actresses you think are not having their best year. Check back to see which ones make the top ten and absolutely smash it in 2023.

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  • Park Bo-young
    160 votes

    Park Bo-young is a talented South Korean actress who has charmed audiences with her versatile acting skills and girl-next-door image. She has starred in popular films such as A Werewolf Boy and On Your Wedding Day. Throughout her career, she has tackled a variety of roles, earning accolades for her performances in both television dramas and movies.

  • Park Eun-bin
    146 votes

    Known for her impressive range, Park Eun-bin is an engaging South Korean actress who has captured the hearts of viewers with her moving performances. She has been acting since childhood, showcasing her talent in numerous films and dramas such as Operation Proposal and The Ghost Detective. Passionate about her craft, Park Eun-bin never fails to impress her fans with her emotional depth and commitment to each role.

  • IU
    130 votes

    IU, whose real name is Lee Ji-eun, is a distinguished South Korean actress and singer-songwriter, renowned for her remarkable vocal range and emotive performances. She made her acting debut in the hit drama Dream High and went on to captivate audiences with her portrayal of various characters in dramas such as Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo and My Mister. With a devoted fan following, IU's talent and star power have made her a household name in Korea.

  • Jung So-min
    133 votes

    Delighting fans with her memorable characters, Jung So Min is an exceptional South Korean actress who has taken the industry by storm. She rose to fame through her lead role in the hit television series Playful Kiss, and has since then expanded her filmography with a variety of projects including D-Day and Because This Is My First Life. Possessing natural charisma and undeniable talent, Jung So Min is a captivating presence on screen.

  • Im Yoon-ah
    107 votes

    Better known as Yoona, Im Yoon-ah is a multitalented South Korean actress and singer who has made her mark on both the small and big screen. A member of the popular girl group Girls' Generation, she transitioned into acting with roles in successful dramas like Love Rain and The K2. Displaying her versatility in various genres, Yoona continues to captivate global audiences with her captivating talent.

  • Kim Tae-ri
    116 votes

    A rising star in the South Korean film industry, Kim Tae-ri first gained international recognition for her outstanding performance in Park Chan-wook's The Handmaiden. Since then, she has proven her acting prowess in projects like Little Forest and Mr. Sunshine. As an actress with incredible depth and versatility, Kim Tae-ri is poised to achieve great things in the future.