The Most Underappreciated Characters In 'The Legend Of Korra,' Ranked

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An Avatar: The Last Airbender spin-off was certainly a tall order, but The Legend of Korra more than measures up. ATLA fans were quick to fall in love with the cast of The Legend of Korra, considering we were introduced to characters like Asami Sato and Jinora. In terms of credit, there are so many side characters that deserved more screen time.

There are plenty of underrated characters in The Legend of Korra that don't get their dues. From the armless waterbender Ming Hua, to the revered combustion bender P'Li, here are some of the most underrated characters in The Legend of Korra. Vote up your favorites below!

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    Kya might've shared waterbending with her mother, Katara, but her temperament is all Aang. She is the fun aunt, but don't underestimate her. She's not given enough credit for her healing abilities, which are on par with her mother Katara, said to be the best in all four nations. Plus, she measures up to Jinora in spirit world encounters. 

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    Zhu Li Moon

    Who else wants a spin-off of Varrick and Zhu Li? This duo was perfect, in their comedy and their character arcs, but Zhu Li really did all of the heavy lifting. Smart and collected, she was a critical part in Book Four, having infiltrated Kuvira's headquarters and taking it down from the inside out. Zhu Li doing the thing was truly one of the best moments in the series. 

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    General Iroh

    Hello! General Iroh here. Seriously, when Iroh came on screen, fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender quite literally lost it. Even sharing the same voice actor, Zuko's grandson, General Iroh, turned out to be the esteemed military officer of The United Forces. His bravery and comradery amongst the Avatar and her friends cemented him as a true ally. After commandeering a fighter plane and jumping out to pursue the bad guys, you'd think they'd give him more screen time.

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    Aang would've loved Jinora. His granddaughter became a young master and received her airbending tattoos from Tenzin. Her natural connection with the spirit world saved Korra multiple times. It's safe to say her actions were critical. Her quick wit and nonchalance were always welcome. 

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    Izumi graced the screen for one scene, in one episode, and that might be the worst thing about Legend of Korra. Fire Lord Izumi, Zuko and Mai's daughter, had such an overwhelmingly powerful presence. To see her dominate in battle, or even hear a few more lines of her intelligent dialogue, would've been a treat.

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    Bumi is Aang's oldest child and was a nonbender until Harmonic Convergence. Even though he was a decorated military officer, he still felt interior to his siblings, both born benders. However, after Bumi gained the ability to airbend, he dedicated his efforts into rebuilding the air nomad society and even shed a few pounds.

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