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Move over, Manischewitz. There's a new kind of kosher wine in town. Whether you're celebrating Rosh Hoshana, Hannukah, Passover or Purim - these wines will give you reason to say "L'Chiam!"

Fortant de France

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France ($10-$15). Take a gander at this list, and you'll quickly see that there are now an abundance of high-quality kosher wines, in all price ranges, from all over the world.

Want to wow your friends with a fancy French wine while cultivating kosher points, too? Try one of the many Fortant wines. Reliably delicious and very well-priced.


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Italy ($10-$20). Admittedly, I am the last person who would ever expect to see an Italian kosher wine. But I'm certainly not complaining! From the land of Mussolini, we have Bartenura - makers of mostly whites, astis and spumantis. So bring some bubbly to Bubbe! She'll positively plotz.

Abarbanel Wines

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France ($10-$25). Produced by one the world's oldest Jewish families, the Abarbanel clan can trace its lineage all the way back to ancient Israel. I guess you could call them the OGs of Oenology. They offer a wide variety of wines at an assortment of price points. There's a wonderful wine everyone.

Yarden Wines

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Israel ($10-30). For the sustainability-conscious seder we have Yarden Wines, from Golan Heights. Both kosher and organic, these wines offer something to please the most rabid rebbe to your shtetle's strictest shicker. They'll please your eco-fanatical friends, too!