Kpop Idols Who Betrayed Their Record Company

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In Kpop music, record companies are like family to the Kpop idols. Whether it is YG, SM, JYP, Cube, Core, or another label, the company is what defines these stars. Kpop idols are signed at a very young age (usually around 10-13 years of age) and train day and night until the company decides to debut them. But what happens when they do get famous and start thinking about leaving the company? Well, they end up here, on the list of the worst Kpop betrayals. These Kpop idols betrayed their record companies in a big way.

In K pop, the record companies teach future idols how to sing, how to dance, how to speak Japanese, Chinese, and English, and connect them to invaluable people in the entertainment industry in Korea. Maybe the fame gets to them, or maybe they think that they will be better off somewhere else, but it seems like no one told these Kpop idols to never bite the hand that feeds them.

Some claimed that they were modern day slaves (have you ever seen a slave with a $2 million dollar house and a Ferrari?) and some wanted take home 100% of their profit. For whatever their reasons, this is the list of Kpop Idols that betrayed (by either leaving and/or suing) their label. 
Most divisive: Sulli
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