Kpop Idols Without Makeup

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A lot of popular makeup tutorials on YouTube feature imitations of the looks of famous K-pop idols. Their looks are not only gorgeous and cute (for the males), but ever changing. But, have you ever wondered what these idols look like without makeup, and without all the production and glamor of the K-pop world? What do they look like when they are hanging out with their friends and not on set to film a music video or an interview?

Popular Korean celebrities featured on this list include AOA's Seolhyun, Wonder Girls' Yubin, and Girls' Generations' Taeyeon. Some of these K-pop idols actually look pretty and cute without makeup, but there are a few unfortunate ones (sorry, CL). 

These pictures of K-pop stars wearing no makeup might surprise you. Can you recognize your favorite idols without their makeup on? Check out these Kpop Idols without makeup to see for yourself and be sure to upvote the K-pop idols who look the best when wearing no makeup at all!