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Kpop Male Idols Before and After Plastic Surgery

Updated February 23, 2019 1.5m views38 items


If you think plastic surgery is limited to female idols, think again. These male K-pop idols and celebs have gone under the knife (some possibly multiple times!) to look as perfect as they do know. From simple procedures like nose jobs and double eyelid surgery, to complicated (ouch!) ones like bone reduction, these guy Kpop idols have endured pain to gain your love. These before and after pictures of Kpop stars' plastic surgery show the amazing results of all the plastic surgery these idols have undergone.

Korean male celebrities featured on this list include EXO's Kai and Super Junior's Kyuhyun. Fans shouldn't be surprised to see Kwanghee of ZE:A on this list of K-pop celebs who had plastic surgery. 

Click through this gallery to see the subtle and shocking before and after plastic surgery pictures of the most popular Kpop male idols!